After sister-in-law Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt now said- ‘If you don’t like me, don’t look at me’, became a troll

Alia Bhatt is busy promoting her upcoming film ‘Brahmastra’ with her husband and Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor these days. But, in the meantime, she has said something, due to which she has come under the target of trolls. Alia Bhatt is facing criticism on social media for her latest remarks on nepotism. Alia Bhatt, who belongs to a film family, has often found herself in the middle of criticism. Talking about the debate and trolling of nepotism, he recently gave his stand and now he is once again under the target of trolls.

In a conversation with Mid Day, Alia Bhatt said that if someone doesn’t like her, they can choose not to see her. He said- “So, who is making the last joke? At least until I deliver my next flop? For now, I’m laughing! At the end of the day, use it to promote your work. I can’t defend myself verbally. And if you don’t like me, don’t look at me.”

Alia further says- “I can’t help it any more. This is something that I cannot do. People have something to say. Hopefully, I will prove to them with my films that I really do deserve the place I occupy.” But, after this statement, Alia has again come under the target of trolls. Netizens are tweeting about his upcoming film Brahmastra and urging others not to watch it.

Netizens are calling Alia Bhatt arrogant for this comment. One user wrote- ‘If you don’t like me, don’t look at me- Alia Bhatt said this during the promotion of her film Brahmastra. Now the audience will decide what they see. Another wrote- ‘No need to tell what to look for. only ego. This is one of the many reasons for boycotting this industry.

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