Army’s bravery shown in Commonwealth Games: Grand welcome to gold medalist Achinta on his return to Jabalpur

Jabalpur. playing in birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 In gold medal Achinta Sheuli was given a grand welcome on her return to Jabalpur after winning. Achinta Sheuli, who has illuminated the name of India all over the world, has a deep connection with Jabalpur.

Achinta, a resident of Kolkata, is a constable in the army and is posted in Jabalpur these days. At present, his posting is in One Single Training Center. He has won the gold medal in the weightlifting of 70 kg weight category in the Commonwealth Games 2022. When Achinta Sheuli reached Jabalpur today, the army gave her a grand welcome. Army soldiers took out his welcome rally and showered flowers on Swarn Veer.

Flowers showered on Anchita
Achinta Sheuly was welcomed in the presence of senior army officers. Army officers also honored him. On this occasion, in a special conversation with News18, Gold Medalist Achinta Sheuli said that the army officers and their coach would like to give credit to the victory for this achievement. This medal is dedicated to the country. His next target is now to bring gold medal for the country in the Olympics. Army officials say that Achinta Sheuly’s achievement will definitely inspire the youth. His coach says that this game requires discipline and concentration. This quality was clearly visible in Achinta and hence from the Khelo India competition, she gave Achinta Sheuli a chance in the army. Today, Achinta’s dedication has given the country a gold medal.

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Army officers also excited
The top officers of the army are also very excited by this victory of Achinta. He says that Achinta Sheuli has brought a new energy to the game. Impressed by this, surely the soldiers of the army will also be excited about the game and the youth will get inspiration.

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