Asha Bhosle B’day: Asha Bhosle is not only a singer but also a wonderful cook, her restaurants are spread all over the world

Asha Bhosle Multi talented personality. When she sings, she mesmerises people, when she cooks it goes straight to the heart. Yes, Asha Bhosle is not only a great singer, but there is such a magic in her hands that the eaters never forget. Born on 8 September 1933 in Sangli, Asha is also a playback singer, entrepreneur, actress. But few people will know that she is also a brilliant cook. Today, along with his songs, we also talk about food.

Legend Singer of Hindi Cinema Lata Mangeshkar There were many ups and downs in the life of sister Asha Bhosle. Childhood was not very happy. It has not been easy for Asha to make her place as a singer, but today on Asha Tai’s birthday, let’s talk about her other skills apart from this. You have heard all the tales about Asha Tai’s life, but there is little discussion about her hobby of cooking. Let us tell you about it.

Asha would have been a cook if not a singer

As intoxicating as Asha Bhosle’s voice is, her hand cooked food is no less. According to media reports, Asha Tai is very fond of cooking, many celebs are fond of her hand-made kadhai meat and biryani. In an interview, Asha herself had told that if she had not been a singer, she would have been a sure cook. Asha Bhosle may have won prestigious awards like Dadasaheb Phalke, Padma Vibhushan in singing, but along with singing, she also kept her cooking hobby alive.

Asha Bhosle is the owner of the restaurant chain

Asha Bhosle is the owner of the restaurant chain. The legend singer runs restaurants in Dubai and Kuwait under the name of ‘Ashaaz’. Apart from this, they also have restaurants in Abu Dhabi, Doha, Bahrain. Indian food is specially served in these restaurants. Not only this, Asha herself trains the chefs of these restaurants. The story of Asha’s restaurant does not end here only. International fame cook Russell Scott has bought the rights to the Asha brand for the UK. Under this, there is a plan to open about 40 restaurants under the name Asha, which is going on. Asha Tai’s cooking love can be seen in this video.

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Asha married twice

Talking about Asha Bhosle’s personal life, she has married twice in her life. The first marriage was to Ganpat Rao, who used to be Lata Mangeshkar’s PA. Asha Bhosle’s entire family was against this marriage, but on her insistence, Asha married Ganpat, who was twice her age. Two sons and one daughter were born from this marriage. After this, she married the famous musician RD Burman. Burman was 6 years younger than Asha.

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