Bhojpuri: The secrets of Surya Kumar Yadav’s success, made a dihi rauro spoiled!

What is the secret of the radiance of the sun? After all, for what reason did Surya Kumar Yadav succeed in scattering his glow day and night, country and abroad? Fifty Go players who hit longer sixes than Surya are in world cricket, you have hit harder than Suryas in your team. Rohit, Virat, Pant etc people did not kill less than the sun. He also killed many Go players, but did not stop Kehu in the match of Surya. After all, who is the sun in the sun?

Before going to answer this question, all the people looked into the matter of Surya Kumar Yadav’s wife. While removing the curtain from Surya Kumar Yadav’s ego special secret, it is said that before every match, you took possession of the mobile of your husband meaning Surya Kumar Yadav. Capture means capture. Before the end of the match, there is no scope for getting a mobile phone.

Now I asked why should I do the work there? In order to concentrate the mind of your husband. In order not to break the contraction. In fact, I realized that mobile is a very useful thing but many times mobile becomes troublesome. Wasteful phone calls, messages are not brainwashed. People who spit more venom from snakes on social media, look like Jahien. These people have frozen the curd of the brain. Even without wanting, the mind got entangled in the talk of extravagance.

Surya Kumar Yadav Super Star from Opp. The eyes of the whole country were on him. In Aise, there was a five-thousand saga of Gyan Debe on his father. Some people praised and some people wrote bad things. Kehu’s mind gets spoiled by all these things. From all this, for the sake of saving the husband, Surya Kumar Yadav’s wife took possession of his mobile.

Acre result was also seen in the match. In every match, Surya Kumar Yadav was seen batting with full attention, concentrated mind. Watching Sun’s batting carefully, there was a lot of mind games in okra. If asked the question, Surya Kumar Yadav played with the mind of the bowler. Before every ball, try to read the mind of the bowler, but where is the ball? The best way to go about this is by looking at the position of the fielder. According to each bowler’s fielding, he likes to put the ball. On the other hand, Surya Kumar is two hands ahead of them. Where the gap, oh ji his shot! Rauva sees that most of the shots of Surya Kumar are the same where the fielder is not hola.

Surya Kumar Yadav himself has removed the curtain from the ego of his success. It is possible that the day before each match, do not touch the bat ball. No net practice, no catch practice, no bat ball in your room! Now think of what to do? To keep the mind fresh. For the sake of playing on the mind but not taking any load. A day before the match, the bat did not touch the ball and landed completely fresh in the match. With a fresh mind, his full attention was on the game, and in every match, try to hit four and six sixes.

(Shashikant Mishra is a freelance journalist, the views written in the article are his personal.)

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