Bipasha Basu spoke openly about pregnancy, said- ‘My mother’s dream was to have a baby’

Bipasa Basu (Bipasha Basu) and Karan Singh Grover were trying to become parents even before the pandemic, but had to put their plans on hold. The actress recently spoke openly about her pregnancy. The actress revealed that she had planned to become parents again in the year 2021.

The actress told Hindustan Times, ‘There was a plan to focus on pregnancy. I wasn’t really doing any kind of work because I wanted to be a mother to a child. it took me a while. In the year 2020, we gave up on this idea completely, because we didn’t know where the world was going, so we took a break for a year. We decided to try again in 2021 and God listened to us.

Bipasha Basu became emotional after knowing about the pregnancy
The actress did not say when the due date of delivery is. It is learned that she is in her fifth month of pregnancy. Bipasha Basu recalled the moment she came to know about the pregnancy. The actress told that it was a very emotional day. I remember Karan and I ran to my mother’s house, she was the first person I wanted to tell.

His close friends want to see Bipasha become a mother
She further says, ‘Everyone was emotional. It was my mother’s dream that Karan and me should have a child. I always believed that this would happen. I am very grateful for this.’ She insists that it is not as easy as things are turning out to be, but she and Karan decided the right time to move forward with a life-changing decision. He also married late.

Bipasha enumerates the advantages of marrying late
Bipasha says, “When you find a life partner late in life and settle late, then as a person you are very mature and responsible and know that you will take the responsibility of being a parent in life. It was the right decision between us. We had decided not to do this until we were fully prepared for it.’

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