SEO Tips

Top 5 Ways to Increase the Average Time on Page by 50%

Today I’m going to give you some tips that will increase your Average Time On Page by 50%. Most pro bloggers use this trick.

Most of the beginners have some questions related to their posts, such as what color should we use or what font size would be good for the blog? It’s good to make a mistake at the beginning, but learn from it and don’t repeat it again. Let’s start:

What font should I use for my blog?

Most beginners think if we use attractive fonts, then our user will like the post. They use some cursive font or bold font, or they play with it and try different fonts. Well, this is not true. Users prefer simple fonts so they can read your blog easily. No one likes this stinging font. So what font we should use for our post?

There are 2 fonts you should use for your post:

  • Arial
  • Georgia

What is the best font size?

This is the most important tip to make your post readable. If the user finds it difficult to read then they will definitely close the window. And this will reduce your average time on the page and increase your bounce rate.

The best font size for your use is 14px to 18px.

Which font color is best for white?

Do not use too bright or dull colors. Just use background color White and Black text color. This is the best combination for the blog and the user loves this combination.

Column width for a blog post?

The main issue is the width of your column. It should not be too big or too small. The width of the ideal column is 700 to 800px. This will not make a big continuous sentence, so the user will not get bored with the blog.

What line-height will be great for a user to read?

You should use the proper line-height so that your text does not bump into each other. This will help the user to easily understand what you have written on your post.

The line height should be 150%. This will help the user to focus on every word of your blog.

These are the basics that most bloggers forget to focus on. I am sure this will help your user read your blog and they will easily focus on what you are trying to say in it. The longer the users stay on your blog, the more it benefits you. It will also help you rank on google.