FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup: America thrashed India 8-0, Indian players could not compete

Bhubaneswar. India suffered a 0-8 defeat against the US in their opening match of the FIFA Women’s U-17 World Cup here on Tuesday. Within the first half hour of this one-sided match of Group A, the Indian team was behind by 4 goals. The US was leading 5-0 at half time. The team scored three more goals in the second half to introduce the Indian team to the level of its game in front of the home audience.

Melina Rebimbas (9th and 31st) scored two goals for the CONCACAF (North and Central America and Caribbean region) champions in this match while Charlotte Koehler (15th), Oneka Gamero (23rd), Gisele Thompson (39th), Ella Imrie (51st), Taylor Suarez (59th) and captain Mia Bhuta (62nd) scored a goal each.

Indian girls find it difficult to score
India’s head coach Thomas Dennerby had said before the match that it would be difficult to score goals against his team after preparing well since February. During the match, however, his players were not seen giving competition to the rival team from anywhere. The country’s first match in the Women’s World Cup in front of the home audience proved to be a nightmare.

FIFA U17 World Cup: Strong American team with Indian origin captain will play against India

Got a place in the tournament on the basis of host
The Indian team, which made it to this age-group tournament on the basis of host, had to bear the brunt of its poor defense play against the runners-up of its opening season in 2008.

The poor performance of the Indian team in the match can be gauged from the fact that in the first half, America kept the ball under its control for 70 percent of the time. The Indian team was able to penetrate the US defense only twice, but not once did the shots of their players reach the goal-post. India now has to play against Morocco on 14 October and Brazil on 17 October.

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