FIFA World Cup 2022 Hundreds of fans had trouble for tickets for the Football World Cup on the second day as well

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Hundreds of football fans in Qatar struggled to get their digital tickets to the World Cup on Tuesday as FIFA’s mobile application caused confusion and frustration for the second day in a row. Frustrated fans queued outside the desk for ticket problems in Doha. Many people reported that their tickets suddenly disappeared from the phone and could not be retrieved. Hundreds of fans missed the opening minutes of England’s match against Iran on Monday because of such a glitch.

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Fans tell each other about their ticket problems in front of the ‘ticket resolution point’ at the convention center in the heart of Doha. Here he showed the volunteers the error messages on his mobile app.

A security guard named Mohammad Sajid said it was difficult to control some angry fans when the crowd peaked in the morning.

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Mexico City soccer fan Marcia Hernandez, 64, was waiting in line for her turn. He said that problems with the app deprived him of watching the first 20 minutes of an England-Iran game. He said, “I have gone to six World Cups and I have never had problems like this. I am not seeing two tickets on my mobile app.

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