Govinda Struggle Days When The Director Refused Just After Seeing Govinda Details Here

Govinda Struggling Days: Bollywood actor Govinda is not only called Hero No. Govinda has given more than one hit films to the industry. Govinda is one such actor who changed the definition of hero in Bollywood. With great dance, tremendous comedy and action, Govinda proved to be a full package in the name of the hero. The number of his fans is in crores. Even today people are crazy about Govinda’s brilliant acting. But he has struggled a lot to do this. Today we are going to tell you a similar anecdote from the days of Govinda’s Struggle.

Govinda recently shared an anecdote in an interview remembering his Struggle days. Govinda had told that in those days I had made a video cassette of my acting, along with it I also joined Roshan Taneja Acting Institute. Govinda told that one day I had reached director Ismail Shroff with my video cassette, he rejected me on seeing me and said that it has neither height, nor personality nor voice. He had said that now people with height like Amitabh Bachchan are needed.

When Govinda’s house was sold due to lack of money

Govinda told that he had become very sad after speaking like this, but the desire to become a hero had become even stronger. Let us tell you that something similar happened with Arun Ahuja, father of Govinda. Govinda’s father was also a well-known actor in the Hindi cinema world. Govinda’s father once produced his own film, in which he invested all his money but that film flopped.

Govinda’s father suffered heavy losses due to the film being a flop, after which his house was sold. Govinda’s father and his family were forced to leave their bungalow and live elsewhere. Govinda is very close to his mother. After seeing his mother’s troubles, Govinda was determined to do something.

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