Indore preparing to create history again: Advait Page’s final match in Commonwealth Games today

Indore, Indore is once again preparing to create history. This time it’s time to play. that too Commonwealth Games, young swimmers of indore advaita paige Have reached the finals of the swimming competition. Today is the final match. The eyes of the whole country including Indore are fixed on him. The whole city is praying for his success.

Indore’s young swimmer Advait Page is just one step away from a medal in the Commonwealth Games. They have a competition tonight after 12:30. However, he has entered the finals of the 1500 meters swimming event. He finished seventh in the 1500 meters swimming event at the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England. Entire Indore is praying for Advaita.

full faith
His father Ashutosh Page says he is confident that Advaita will do his best and bring India’s name to glory. He told that Advaita is just 20 years old. He still has a very long career. He trained in Indore till class 12th and is currently training in America under coach Anthony Nesty for four years. Initially 35 lakh rupees were being spent annually. Now scholarships are available, which has brought relief.

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Advaita’s penance
Advaita’s mother Nanda Page says that her hard work will definitely pay off. He has taken swimming as a penance. Now the time has come that the fruits of his penance will definitely be found. Advaita’s grandfather is also eagerly waiting for the final match. He says that all the people in his family are good swimmers. The discipline of Advaita is a model. Despite winning so many competitions, he does not have any kind of ego. He has made his image extremely popular. Advaita’s grandmother is also praying. He says that the hard work done by Advaita is worth praising. God will give the fruits of his hard work and he will also get success.

high goal of advaita
Advaita’s father tells that his son’s goals are very high. After the Commonwealth Games, Advait has to go to the Paris Olympics in 2024 and perform well there too. He is about to take the sport of swimming to new heights. His entire focus is on medals in the Commonwealth Games. Although till now he has won more than 100 medals. But winning a medal in the Commonwealth would be equal to all his medals.

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