Infosaurs- A complete solution for Kidney Disease

A complete solution for Kidney Disease

Do you know? Chronic Kidney Disease has some cures other than dialysis or a kidney transplant. Yes! you heard it right, it’s a little hard to believe as the Doctors and specialists only go with Dialysis or kidney transplants. It’s very Depressing to hear it as a solution.

Beat Kidney Disease

Duncan Capicchiano and Fiona – a Naturopath Couple from Australia, started researching the alternative health solution by using only natural treatments after they found their grandmother suffering from borderline stage -4 kidney disease. She was 73 years old and was tensed by imagining hooking up with machines but she decided to fight back. After plenty of research, many clinical trials, medical literature, the couple combined all the natural programs that they thought could save their Grandma. 12 weeks later after the treatment got started, she went for a checkup and the doctors were shocked, her kidney functions had started improving, Creatinine had gone down and her GRF had gone up.

After 6 months, her kidney function had greatly improved without dialysis and she was now a stage-1 kidney disease patient from borderline stage-4. She got her life back and started living as a healthy person. At the age of 83when she passed away, her kidney remained healthy.

This couple has thousand of examples who have seen Improvements.

There are four key points that you need to know if you have any kidney-related problems;

  1. There is good scientific research that shows the way how the kidneys can be healed.
  2. Western medicine is not the only option. Traditional Chinese medicines are treating kidney problems for many years. Here Duncan is talking about herbal medicines, which guarantee quality and purity.
  3. The third important point is Diet, a more thoughtful and comprehensive approach is needed to heal kidney
  4. Find the unique cause of your kidney disease.

So, here this Naturopath couple has a complete plan and solution from beginning to end that takes care of your whole body. They make this complete plan and solution through years of research. One more interesting thing, the people from all around the world, of all ages, from all kind of health background, with different cause to their kidney disease have tried this program and have seen progression in their health.

Let’s come to the point

  • What is the Kidney Disease Solution?

kidney book solution

The Kidney Disease solution program is totally Digital. So it would be easy for you to download and read. You can start it anytime and can follow it easily. This 243 pages complete kidney disease solution has all the details of the kidney healing protocol that they have developed after research of many years. This solution has different sections devoted to different treatments.

  • To see where you stand with kidney health kidney and potential disease you need to identify symptoms and learn to read kidney test results. So, here are two guides that will help you get started
  1. The kidney disease symptom tracker
  2. Kidney test results interpreter guide.

Kidney Disease Symptom Tracker

These are just to help you to gauge your kidney health. This can not replace the expert advice of your doctor.

  • Next is the complete diet program, which is included in this kidney disease solution:

foods to avoid for kidney health

Here you will get a proven and scientific diet program that will help your kidney heal. It will also give you diet tracking sheets, help you manage food portions, teach you to read labels. It will guide you to eat healthily and safely.

  • what about Grocery shopping,

Kidney Health Grocery Shopping List

This complete solution also has a Grocery shopping list for kidney health.

  • you will also get a kidney health cookbook which includes 70 recipes that will increase your kidney health.

Safeguard Your Kidneys

  • This program also includes an AUDIO PROGRAM which will guide you the meditation to regenerate kidney and also Yoga flows especially to promote kidney health.
  • Interesting thing is that you will get a lifetime update to the program. So, you will never be deprived of new advice from scientists.

Lifetime Updates

  • One more thing, you will get a lifetime support email, so that if you’ll have any questions about the program their qualified and trained naturopath will respond to you.

Lifetime support

  • Here is the next bonus, Fast Track Guide – that will explain to you about personal diet and kidney health in very easy terms.

chronic kidney disease

What you will get in, complete plan and solution ;

  1. kidney repair tools
  2. The kidney disease solution e-book and treatment plan.
  3. Comprehensive Nutrition plan.
  4. The Kidney Disease Solution Cookbook
  5. Free lifetime program update
  6. Free lifetime e-mail support
  7. kidney healing yoga flow
  8. De-stress and renew guided meditation
  9. How to interpret your kidney test result.
  10. kidney health grocery shopping list
  11. Quick meal planning
  12. Kidney disease symptom tracker.

How to Interpret Your Kidney Test Results

To notice significant Improvements in overall health, it is better to go with the program for the next 60 days.

Note- This content is just for informational purposes and for the promotion of the product. Infosaurs is not responsible for any process and method mentioned in the product

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