Infosaurs- Phalli Pujan

Phalli Pujan

I came to the office with a plan to get protein
Take 200 grams of beans and put them on a microwave oven.
Interacting with someone by giving a 2 minute plan
Keep on roasting by jumping, the moong pods are grown
Do not know for what reason the microwave was extended for 1 minute more
and came to another room to make the most of the time
When I was making dole with dumbbells
African beauty prevailing in anti-apartheid pods
The exercise was just unfinished that a supernatural scent lingered
I understand the unfortunate foul smelling situation

The burnt peanuts created such a panic
On the way, people spoiled the mood and nose from the corridor itself.
One person, two people, then many objected
Then I made a quick plan to save my life and reputation

The God forgotten for months suddenly remembered again
I devised a wonderful method of Phalli-worship
I picked up a thick bunch of incense sticks
Burn them all, to escape the wrath of coal-like beans
Slowly spreading fragrance brought relief to my heart
The strange method of worshiping the flowers reduced my nervousness

The matter was fine inside the room, now had to go outside
To remove from the corridor, a sheet of over-roasted stench
Looking everywhere, I used to stop and then run away
In the corridor it seems like a bearded baba who is doing witchcraft
Hiding incense sticks behind my back, I have bitten many rounds
Somehow, the mind is deceived by chanting and chanting.
Like your own room; The relationship of the premises connected with God
When I did the prasad of phalli-worship to the office; divided across the third floor

This religious scandal got its stamp of success then
When the sharp-nosed from my sahib
Surprised only on incense sticks!

The madam with the chair at the accident site comes again
Seeing me smiled and started enquiry
“Why Naidu ji? What and why did you do all this’?
“Now what’s the harm in worship?” my face was innocent
“Oh! Who’s worship? Of the black and black moong beans?
The answer was present unanswered; that smile of mine

Lost 40 percent protein, luckily there was some rift
Inexplicable but interesting as it developed; method of worship
There was joy on the adventure key; There was a glow on the face like childhood
Inexplicable but interesting as it developed; method of worship

– by Lalit Naidu

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