Infosaurs- Raipur calls for relaxation in lockdown

Raipur calls for relaxation in lockdown – theaters to re-open with fifty percent capacity

The process of relaxation in lockdown is underway in most of the districts of Chattisgarh, Along with this, the Collector has ordered unlock in the capital city of Raipur.

With the falling cases of Covid -19 infections in State, Collector has ordered re-opening of theaters with fifty percent sitting capacity along with water parks, swimming pools, public gathering places.

Shop vendors have been given time extinction for opening shops in Raipur, Government officials have also been instructed to make regular attendance at offices.

Ease in Covid restrictions are provided with strict protocols to follow covid Appropriate Behavior by official order. Token system is permitted at public-private institutes to avoid over-crowding.

Amid ease in restrictions, Collector has instructed that Section 144 will remain functional in the district alongside night curfew.

Source: Zee News

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