Infosaurs- Vaahan Ke Vaahak

Vaahan Ke Vaahak

Let the puppets of destiny go on the prescribed path
I am sitting behind and brother drives a two wheeler
Pleasant weather, pleasant journey and very pleasant mind
Easy, Simple and Big Convenience, Chale Your Journey

it hasn’t even been an hour
and we will understand
Be like a goat’s mother
this too shall pass

A galloping car has usually kept silence
What happened in this problem, who among us know?
The sight on the fuel-meter that we put
30 percent fuel! Where is the tank empty?
His condition was like a bad gramophone record
Its dull needle was stuck at 30 percent

After this mechanical betrayal
Where are the options left with us?
don’t bang your forehead
Drag and drag!
We are the customers of Guru-Grass
We are the carrier of the vehicle

vehicle carrier

from the clouds of despair
a ray of hope arose
within a hundred and two hundred meters
glance at the petrol pump
happily and quickly
We drove the car till it
And in the crooked guise of help
we cheated again
All the words of relief were false and they were all fake
Petrol pump was closed, Akha deserted and empty

drag drag
don’t beat your head now
We are the customers of Guru-Grass
We are the carrier of the vehicle

4 km long journey
we tackled hard
The record of 2 days was broken when
We bathed in our own sweat

Deciding to Repair a Bad Meter
we measured the rough road
under a tired smile
covered up all the tiredness
We were the customers of Guru-Grass
We were the carriers of the vehicle

-by Lalit Naidu

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