Interview: 10 years of hard work and Laddu Gopal’s support, then got success- Priyanka Goswami

Meerut, ‘Winning a medal for my country was the most special moment for me. I can never forget that moment when I reached the podium for the medal and took the medal with respect to the national flag and the tricolor. This is to say of Priyanka Goswami, silver medalist in walking in Commonwealth Games 2022. After the end of the Commonwealth Games, Priyanka reached Delhi from Birmingham. On reaching Meerut from Delhi, he was given a warm welcome.

From the toll plaza of Meerut to his house, the people of the city gave him a grand welcome. It took him about 4 to 5 hours to reach home in this route of about 10 km. Everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of Priyanka. Some were wearing them necklaces of flowers, some were giving them bouquets and some made them sweet. Every Meerut resident was feeling proud on the achievement of the daughter of his city. Excerpts from the interview with Priyanka, who returned after winning a medal from CWG-2022 …

  • How did you get success?

    Priyanka Goswami – There is no short-cut to success. I waited 10 years to get this medal. Success is never achieved in a year. It takes constant effort to get it. It took me 10 years to get this medal to reach here.

  • Wasn’t there a fear of defeat?

    Priyanka Goswami- Any young player who leaves the game fearing defeat, it is a mistake. One should also learn from defeat, because even in defeat there is a way to a better future.

  • What will you say on ‘Laddoo Gopal’?

    Priyanka Goswami- I have great faith in God. I would like to give the credit of my victory to my Laddu Gopal. The credit for this victory also goes to my coach and family. The coach was with me every step of the way. He has helped me in every way. I have been practicing since student life at Kailash Prakash Stadium.

  • How much government aid did you get?

    Priyanka Goswami- The manner in which the state government and the central government are encouraging the players. As a result of that the players are performing better. This cycle will continue even further.

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    FIRST PUBLISHED : August 11, 2022, 11:59 IST

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