Jiah Khan Suicide Case: Rabia Khan accuses CBI officer of changing her statement, hurt due to lawyer’s cross-examination

Jiah Khan Suicide Case: Rabia Khan, a witness to the alleged suicide of actress Jiah Khan, told a special court on Monday that the CBI had edited the statement given by her in 2014. Rabia Khan is the mother of late Zia. Jiah allegedly committed suicide in June 2013. Jiah’s mother Rabia has accused actor Sooraj Pancholi of abetting Jiah’s suicide. In Monday’s hearing, cross-examining Rabia, Sooraj’s lawyer Prashant Patil asked, “You said before the CBI that Juhu police showed you your statement, which you saw and was it correct?”

Rabia Khan replied that she had not said so. Rabia said that she had given a 26-page statement to the CBI and it was changed by a CBI officer. Rabia said, “He added his statement to it. This part is not mentioned in it correctly. The beginning is right. I wrote a statement and sent it by email and they put it. I have not said that the statement has been read out to me and it is correct.”

Rabia hurt by the cross-examination of the lawyer

Prashant Patil also asked Rabia Khan about the incidents that allegedly happened with Jiah as a teenager. Patil then said that she was in trauma because of the incidents that happened with Jia as a teenager. Rabia denied the lawyer’s point and said that by saying this he was hurting their sentiments.

Police-CBI could not gather evidence to prove that Jiah committed suicide: Actress’s mother

Rabia was asked about personal life and Jiya’s childhood

Meanwhile, Rabia Khan said that she wanted to file a petition to re-examine the alleged dupatta used in the suicide. He said that she was not well and that she had not seen it properly. Sooraj’s lawyer opposed such a demand. Patil raised several questions about the various lawsuits and petitions filed by Rabia, her personal life, her film career, marriage, Jia’s childhood and her relationship with her father.

hearing next week

Rabia Khan said that the lawyer who was fighting her case during the hearing on Suraj’s bail in the year 2013 was fake. He said, “I came to know about it later. That lawyer sold his soul.” Now the matter will be heard next week. Whereas Rabia’s cross-examination has been postponed for some other day after this.

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