Jumping in the air, I fell on top of it and broke it…! Aaliyah’s Rib-Smashing Punch

WWE Entertainment: A shower of punches, dhobi left and fierce fighting…! Jumping one over the other and falling in the air…, these scenes are common in the WWE ring. In that too, if you get to see the match of Aaliya, the expert player of this game, then what to say. Yes, the young and likable player of World Wrestling Entertainment has remained the favorite player of the entertainment world with its amazing action games. Last week saw a great fight-show of Alia and Raquel. Alia also shared her reaction to this fight on social media.

The crowd of thousands of spectators, the loud noises and amidst all this, the video of Alia and Raquel fighting with each other in the ring will give you goosebumps. Alia has her social media post I wrote that it was the best game of his life. Although she got injured once in the middle of the game, despite this, she stunned her opponent. Alia described that moment of the game as the most special, when she jumped in the air and fell on the opponent player and almost piled him. You must have seen this WWE show on TV.

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Alia’s amazing moment during a fight with Raquel. (Photo Credits: Aliyahwwe instagram)

The name of WWE star Alia, who lives in Toronto, is Nhooph Al-Areebi. Alia loved watching WWE shows since childhood. That’s why after coming to this world, Alia soon lost her life. great performance Made a mark among the audience on the basis of it. Today Alia is the favorite superstar of this entertainment network (World Wrestling Entertainment). Thousands of spectators come to see his fight with Raquel or other stars.

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