Salman Butt on Virat Kohli What did Salman Butt say about Virat Kohli you will also listen | What did Salman Butt say about Virat Kohli, you will also listen….

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Salman Butt And Virat Kohli

Team India once again stayed away from winning the ICC trophy. Rohit Sharma was captaining in an ICC tournament for the first time, it was expected that Rohit Sharma would do the work which Virat Kohli could not do, but it could not happen. Now the talk of Team India getting a new captain in T20 is coming to the fore. It is being said that Rohit Sharma may continue to captain ODI only, there are reports that Hardik Pandya may be made the new T20 captain. Virat Kohli himself left the captaincy of T20. It was announced before the T20 World Cup 2021 that after this World Cup, he would leave the captaincy of T20. The performance of the Indian team was not good in the T20 World Cup 2021, the team was already eliminated in the first round. After this, Virat Kohli was also removed from the ODI captaincy. Meanwhile, former Pakistan captain Salman Butt has spoken on former captain Virat Kohli.

Salman Butt praised Virat Kohli

About a year ago, Virat Kohli was also removed from the ODI captaincy after relinquishing the T20 International captaincy. At that time, the most talked about thing was that Virat Kohli captained Team India as captain for so many days, but he could not get India a single ICC trophy. Although Team India managed to reach the final of the ICC World Test Championship, but there they lost to New Zealand and the dream of winning the ICC title remained incomplete. Now former Pakistan captain Salman Butt has taken the side of Virat Kohli and has targeted the BCCI somewhere. Speaking on his YouTube channel, Salman Butt said that there was no good reason to remove Kohli from the captaincy. Salman said that after removing Kohli from the captaincy, it was said that he has not been able to win a single ICC trophy till now. Raising the question, he said how many captains have won ICC trophies. How many captains end their entire career without an ICC trophy. He raised the question whether now the Indian team has won the ICC trophy. Kohli was a good captain.

What did Salman Butt say about Virat Kohli
Salman Butt also said that there was no reason for the team’s defeat. It is also not that Kohli’s captaincy in the team did not improve. He said that T20 match goes so fast that there is not much time to think. So many World Cups are happening, along with this one or the other league also keeps on happening. So you have got a player who is fit, can play consistently and is ready to go anywhere, and can also captain the team, so why not.

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