Salute to the spirit: Yogesh of Agra won many international medals in basketball with a borrowed wheelchair

Report: Harikant Sharma

Agra: The destination is attained by those who have life in their dreams, nothing happens with wings, flight takes place with courage. Yogesh Indolia has proved these lines to be true. Yes, Yogesh, with his strong intentions, bowed down even the odd circumstances. He encouraged people’s criticisms and went on to create new dimensions. By the way, nature and luck laid many obstacles in the way of his success. Even half his body was snatched from him, but his courage, his passion, did not deter his determination. Yogesh Indolia, a resident of Baghda village in Barauli Ahir, Agra, is not interested in any identity today, the whole world considers his iron.

An accident took away half the body
The thing is from the year 2011. In an accident, the lower part of Yogesh’s waist had stopped working at all. He was forced to use a wheelchair. Treatment went on for years, for two years he had gone on bed rest. But during this he did not lose courage. He was very fond of basketball and started playing wheelchair basketball matches by making the same wheelchair as his own. First took training from Delhi and later he himself started practicing by taking training from YouTube.

Won by ‘luck’ but lost by ‘cash’
However, Yogesh Indolia’s family conditions are not good. He has already become financially weak. About ₹ 15 lakh has been spent in the treatment. Yogesh’s father Mahesh Indoria is an electrician. He works door-to-door to fix electricity. Has four brothers and one sister. Yogesh does not have his own wheelchair. He has to go to play basketball match by borrowing a wheelchair from his friend Nisha.

Appeal to the government for a wheelchair
There is a special type of wheelchair in a wheelchair basketball match. Whose movement is very fast. Big international players have such wheelchairs. The cost of this type of wheelchair is more than ₹ 5 lakh. Yogesh does not have such an advanced wheelchair. Due to which the speed of his play also slows down. He has appealed to the government that, his financial condition is not good. Due to which he is not able to buy a wheelchair. In such a situation, there is hope for help from the government and local public representatives.

Journey from borrowed chair to international medal
In the year 2017, he played for the Indian team in the Under-23 Asia Ocean Wheelchair Basketball Championship held in Thailand. Yogesh got the sixth position in the team. Along with this, in the year 2017 in Nepal, playing for the Indian team in the International Wheelchair Basketball Championship, won a silver medal. He played for Punjab in the National Wheelchair Basketball Championship held in Chennai in the year 2019 and won a bronze medal in this match. Yogesh has played four national and 2 international basketball matches so far.

The dream is to bring gold for the country
Yogesh had changed a lot after the accident. He had to spend many years in bed. He was afraid of how people would see him now? What would people say about him? Thinking of this, the thought of committing suicide several times came in his mind. But in this bad situation, the family supported him a lot and due to this Yogesh Indolia is making the name of himself, his family and country proud in the world today. In future, he is trying his best to get India a medal in wheelchair basketball. His only demand is that he should get his own wheelchair.

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