Sania Mirza Engaged Sohrab Mirza Before Getting Married To Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik Know Saniya New Story

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik: Indian tennis star Sania Mirza is celebrating her 36th birthday today. Sania Mirza is in discussions these days about the news of her divorce. At the same time, in the meantime, another news related to him has come out. Sania was engaged to Sohrab Mirza of Hyderabad before Shoaib Malik. However, their relationship did not last long and both of them refused to marry each other.

who is sohrab

Sohrab is the owner of Hyderabad’s famous bakery ‘Universal Bakers Chain’. The two got engaged on July 10, 2009, wearing rings to each other. After that both were about to get married. But both of them broke the engagement after 6 months saying that both of them do not get along and parted their ways. The two met at St. Mary’s College, Hyderabad. Both studied there together. After this Sania went to UK for MBA studies.

both were childhood friends

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Sohrab and Sania were childhood friends of each other. The family members of both had fixed the marriage. But both did not consider each other as compatible and broke the relationship, after which Sania married Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik in the year 2010.

Shoaib Malik’s birthday wish

Significantly, Sania is celebrating her birthday today. On this special occasion, Shoaib Malik has wished him on his birthday through an Instagram post. On one hand there is talk of bad relationship between both of them and on the other hand it is quite surprising to wish Shoaib a birthday like this. Sharing a photo of himself and Sania Mirza, Shoaib wrote, “Happy birthday Sania. I wish you a healthy and happy life. Enjoy the day to the fullest.

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