Sunil Gavaskar On Indian Players Workload During Playing For Team India And IPL T20 WC 2022

Sunil Gavaskar on Indian Players: After the exclusion of Team India from the T20 World Cup 2022, the criticism of Indian players is not taking the name of lessening. Now veteran cricketer Sunil Gavaskar has vented his anger regarding the workload management of Team India. He has said that every time while playing for Team India, there is talk of workload-workload, why this workload is not done during IPL.

While talking to a news channel, Gavaskar said, “There will be changes in the team. When you can’t win the World Cup, changes will happen. We just saw that there have been some changes in the team going for New Zealand. Yeh jo workload- workload ki talk goes on, Kirti and Madan rightly said that why workload happens only while playing for India?’ Let us tell you that this whole year in Team India, many players were rested in bilateral series due to alternating workload. Sunil Gavaskar has said this about this.

‘Why is there no fatigue in IPL?’

Gavaskar said, ‘You play IPL. Play the whole season. There you travel. Only the last IPL took place in four centres. Everywhere else you keep running around. Aren’t you tired there? No workload there? Only when you have to play for India and that too when you go to a non-glamorous country, then your workload is created. This is wrong.

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‘Love has to be reduced’

Gavaskar also said that we have to reduce the pampering of Indian players a little. BCCI needs to give him a strong message. “Workload and fitness cannot go hand in hand,” says Gavaskar. If you are fit, where did the question of workload come from? Whatever little we pamper, we have to reduce it. We are taking you on the team. They are also paying a lot of retainer fees. If you are not playing due to workload then don’t even collect retainer fees.

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