T20 WC 2022 IND Vs BAN Big Statement Of Harha Bhogle On Virat Fake Fielding Controversy

Fake Fielding Controversy: Team India defeated Bangladesh by 5 runs in the important match of T20 World Cup. This match between the two teams was very exciting. However, this match also gave rise to some controversies. Out of this, a big controversy has also come to the fore regarding the ‘fake fielding’ of Virat Kohli. which is continuously increasing.

In fact, Bangladesh’s middle order batsman Nurul Hasan has alleged that Virat Kohli did ‘fake fielding’ while batting. He also said that if the umpire had taken action on this and there would have been a penalty on Team India and we would have won this match.

After the allegation of this fake fielding on Virat Kohli, there has been a debate on social media. At the same time, on this debate and controversy, veteran commentator Harsha Bhogle made many tweets keeping his point and tried to explain the whole issue.

Harsha Bhogle spoke on the controversy
Harsha, while tweeting on this Fake Fielding controversy, said that the truth on Fake Fielding incident is that no one has seen it. Neither the umpires nor the batsman nor we. Rule 41.5 provides for the imposition of a penalty of five runs in such cases., But when no one has seen it, what will you do about it’.


Harsha said in the next tweet that ‘I don’t think anyone will complain about the fact that the ground was very wet. Shakib had rightly said that in such a condition things go towards the team batting. At the same time, the job of the umpires and curator was to keep the match going again till the situation became very bad, they did their job well in this matter’.

Harsha said in his last tweet that ‘My friends from Bangladesh, don’t talk about not reaching the target by making excuses of fake fielding or wet ground. Had a batsman batted till the end, Bangladesh could have won this match. We are all guilty of it when we look for excuses and don’t grow up.

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