T20 World Cup 2022 PAK Vs ZIM Fan Video Shows Unfit Shaheen Afridi Struggling To Running Last Ball

Shaheen Afridi Unfit: In the T20 World Cup 2022 (T20 WC 2022), the Pakistan team had to face a thrilling defeat on Thursday. Zimbabwe beat Pakistan on the last ball. After this defeat by one run, Pakistan’s team has now reached the verge of being out of the semi-final race. Former Pakistan cricketers and fans are criticizing the Pakistan Cricket Board more than the players are cursing on this flop performance of the Pakistan team.

Most of the targets are being targeted regarding the selection of Pak team. The most special mention here is of Shaheen Afridi. Although Shaheen is a veteran fast bowler, but recently he has been out of the team due to injury for a long time. Now it is being claimed that he has recovered from the injury but in the last two matches, there has been no edge in his bowling. His run-up has also slowed down and the speed of the ball has also decreased. In such a situation, from former cricketers to Pak fans, it is considered wrong to include him in the team. Former captains like Salman Butt have even said that Shaheen is not completely fit.

Now in a video it has also been revealed that Shaheen is not completely fit. This video is of the last ball, which was made by a Pakistani fan from the stadium itself. The angle of this video has revealed the secret that PCB unfit Shaheen is being fed match by match only.

It is seen in the video that when Pakistan team needed 3 runs to win against Zimbabwe, Shaheen Afridi was at the batting end. Here Shaheen hit the shot but he could not run fast. The batsman at the other end ran very easily and reached the crease but Shaheen was running staggeringly. In the last he was run out.

Shaheen is looking colorless
Shaheen Afridi returned to the field after a long time with the match against India. But in this match, he was beaten up fiercely. He also looked colorless against Zimbabwe. He did not get a single wicket in both the matches. Nor did he appear to trouble the batsmen in any way. In such a situation, questions are being raised about his fitness. Former Pakistan cricketers are also saying that when Shaheen is not fit then why is she being fed forcibly.

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