Taapsee Pannu once again took a jibe at Boycott culture, said- ‘It has become a joke…’

Taapsee Pannu (Taapsee Pannu)’s mystery film ‘Dobaaraa’ was released in theaters today on August 19. She is no longer bothered by social media trends. Taapsee Pannu said, ‘If things like boycott and trolling happen everyday, then people stop bothering about it. It becomes useless. There is a dialogue related to this in one of my films.

During a press conference, Taapsee took a jibe at the boycott culture and said, ‘I can’t say about other people in the industry, but it has become a joke for me and Anurag.’ The trend of hashtags demanding boycott of a film started with Aamir Khan’s ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’. When asked about the social media trend, Aamir had said that he was saddened by the boycott’s appeal. He then requested the audience to watch his film.

Later, similar hashtags against Akshay Kumar’s ‘Raksha Bandhan’ started trending on the online platform. Some netizens have also demanded to boycott the film ‘Dobaara’ directed by Anurag Kashyap and starring Pannu. The actress said, ‘If the audience likes, they will go to see the film. If they don’t like, they won’t go, but demanding boycott is like underestimating my audience’s understanding.

‘Dobaara’ is not inspired by 2018 Spanish film ‘Mirage’
Taapsee Pannu refutes rumors that ‘Dobaara’ is inspired from the 2018 Spanish film ‘Mirage’. He said, ‘The content of our film was decided in March 2018, while the Spanish film was announced in November that year. ‘Dobara’ is neither copied nor inspired by anyone.

The film ‘Dobaara’ is full of mystery
He said that unfortunately Kovid-19 had to hit, which delayed the film and its release. The story of the mystery drama revolves around how a woman named Antara gets a chance to save the life of a 12-year-old boy who had died in a storm 25 years ago.

‘Dobaara’ Anurag Kashyap’s most entertaining film ever
He said that ‘Dobaara’ is Anurag Kashyap’s most entertaining film till date and no one can dare to try such a subject in Hindi cinema, as everyone wants to play it safe. This thriller thriller also stars Pavail Gulati and Rahul Bhat.

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