The club made the football player sit in front of the lion, what happened next; watch his scary video

New Delhi. The life of a person with a big liver and a courageous person also comes in light, if the lion comes in front. Then what is the chessboard of a football player? A video related to this is going viral on social media these days, in which Greece’s defender Kostas Manolas had to face such a situation, which is enough to scare anyone. Actually, the summer transfer window of club football around the world has recently ended. During this, the football club signed big players. In order to make this event memorable and different, UAE football club Sharjah FC did such a thing that the life of the football player dried up. Its video is going viral.

The Sharjah FC club has roped in Greece defender Kostas and the method he took to give it a formal update. The player was scared of him, whoever saw the video, he also got scared. Actually, the club had asked Kostav to sit in front of the real lion and pose. As the photographer went to click the picture. The lion sitting near Kostav roared loudly.

Hearing his roar, Kostav jumped out of his place in panic. His reaction was caught on camera.

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This video has been shared through a Twitter page related to football. It was captioned with – Former Napoli defender Costas Manolas was to pose with a lion for the formal announcement of his deal with Sharjah FC. Look, what happened to them? More than 50 lakh people have seen this video.

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