The US Champion prize money will be as much as the IPL winning team

US Open (US Open) singles champion will get $ 26 million (about Rs 20 crore) prize money this year, in IPL 2022 the winning team also got prize money of Rs 20 crore. US Open will be the last Grand Slam of this year and Its total prize money will be more than the other three Grand Slams. Starting on August 29, the total prize money of the Grand Slam is $ 60 million (about Rs 4785 million) for the first time.

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The American Tennis Federation said on Thursday that a player will get $ 80,000 (about Rs 63 lakh) for a place in the main draw, while reaching the second round will be given $ 121,000 (about Rs 96 lakh). Before the Corona epidemic, in 2019, the champion used to get $ 39 million and the loser in the first round was given $ 58,000.

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Those reaching the quarter-finals will get $445,000 and those who play the semi-finals will get $705,000. The runner-up will be given $1.3 million. Last time the total prize money was $55 million. This year the prize money in the Australian Open stood at $52 million, while the Wimbledon and French Open had around $49 million in prize money.

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