Twinkle Khanna pays School Fees For Her Children, Reason Is Very Intresting

Twinkle Khanna Pays Fees For Her Children: Actress-turned-writer Twinkle Khanna is often seen sharing interesting anecdotes about her children, Nitara and Aarav. Recently, he revealed that he has independently funded his children’s education. She also revealed that she doesn’t spend much money on herself.

On her official channel, Twinkle talked about the importance of being financially independent. He also told how he used his savings to start his own channel, fund his children’s education and do masters courses.

She said, “I got my first salary when I was 17 and it was enough to buy laddoos, I think. But I remember my first significant salary and I bought it a car, a silver Opel. I “Don’t even know if they make that car now or not.”

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Twinkle continued, “So I am using my daughter’s college funds for my own college. I have always made sure that I am paying for her education. I want them to say that my Mother paid for my education, not just fed me potato parathas. I spend very little resources. I don’t spend money on anything. My family teases me and asks why I am working I am, if I am not spending on anything.”

Meanwhile, Twinkle made her debut as a writer in 2015. Recently, he shared a funny post when he found a man selling pirated copies of his books. He wrote, “How do you know if a book has done well? You can see sales figures, Amazon rankings, reviews and awards. The real acid test of being a true bestseller is when the pirated versions of your books traffic. Lights are sold on. 🙂 It was one of my happiest moments.”

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