VIDEO: Sutapa Sikdar became emotional after wishing son Ayan Khan on his birthday, shared the video and told the story related to Irrfan Khan

late irfan khan (Irrfan Khan) wife Sutapa Sikdar has wished the younger son Ayan Khan a birthday. He has given him a long congratulatory message on his social media account. In the message, he also remembered Irfan. Sutapa recalled the time when she was pregnant and Ayan was in her womb. Irfan was shooting for ‘Maqbool’ during this time. He has also shared a video with this congratulatory message. Some old pictures of his family were shown in this video. In which Irrfan is seen spending moments of love and happiness with his children.

Sutapa Sikdar wrote in his congratulatory message, “Happy birthday to you Ayan. Your birthday reminds me of the time when you were in my womb and Baba (Irrfan) was shooting for ‘Maqbool’. You were due and the doctor asked me to get admitted because he said that the baby may be premature. Baba thought of catching a flight from Bhopal.”

Sutapa gets emotional after remembering Irrfan

Sutapa further wrote, “And I don’t know what you guys talked about. But I am sure that Baba must have said, ‘Stop, what is the hurry, should take life comfortably’ or he would have said, ‘Abe man, if I stop here, it will be very messy, this is a very important scene. The doctor asked me to do complete bed rest, which I didn’t hear, but only after Baba finished shooting for ‘Maqbool’, you came into the world.”

Sutapa blessed the son

Sutapa further wrote, “It was a very mature decision for a premature baby. And you have always been like this, balance the peace, even as the keeper of the unsaid promise. You don’t always get completely influenced by social media like this. Get everything you want, and don’t take the kind of pressure you didn’t when you were about to be born.”

Ayan has worked in ‘Life of Pi’

Talking about Ayan Khan’s work, he is known for his excellent performances in ‘Life of Pi’ and ‘Life in Metro’.

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