Virat Kohli Kissed Anushka Sharma Ring Dedicated His Century To Wife And Vamika Fans Says King Is Back

Virat Praise Anushka: Indian cricketer Virat Kohli has expressed his love for his wife many times. Be it stadium or social media…Virat never fails to praise his wife. Especially in the stadium, Virat has showered love on Anushka many times. Even today, a similar sight was seen at the Dubai International Stadia when Virat Kohli scored a century against Afghanistan and gave the credit of the victory to his wife Anushka Sharma.

Not only this, Virat took out Anushka’s ring from his neck and kissed it in front of everyone in the stadium itself. Fans have been blown away by Virat’s century. Also, dedicating his victory to his wife in a crowd of millions… This style of Kohli has touched the hearts of the people and the fans are praising Kohli fiercely.

Know what Virat said…
Virat said, ‘If you see me standing here, it is because of only one person, that is Anushka. This century is for him and his lovely daughter Vamika. When you have someone who talks to you constantly, like Anushka was with me…it helps you. Time has taught me a lot. I was happy to be back after a break of six weeks. I understood how tired I was mentally and physically. When I came here and played in the nets, I felt good.”

Fans praised…
At this time only Virat is dominated on Twitter. Virat is being praised everywhere. Some are praising her comeback and some are expressing love for Anushka in this way., See what fans are saying.

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