Vivek Agnihotri told ‘Inside Story’ of Bollywood, how actors get addicted to drugs

Vivek Agnihotri (Vivek Agnihotri) has shared an ‘Inside Story’ about Bollywood. He said that it is not only a center of talent, but also a ‘graveyard’ of talent. He talked about those people who are not able to achieve the success as expected and how they get stuck in the quagmire of showbiz without any income and power.

The director of ‘Kashmir Files’ wrote, ‘What you are seeing is not Bollywood. Real Bollywood is to be found in the dark alleys. Its lower part is so dark that it is impossible for a common man to fathom it. Scattered, crushed and buried dreams can be found in these dark alleys.

He further says, ‘If Bollywood is a museum of talent, then it is also a graveyard of talent. It’s not about rejection. Anyone who comes here knows that rejection is part of the deal. There is humiliation and exploitation that destroy any kind of soft dreams, hopes and beliefs. One can survive without food, but it is impossible to live without respect and expectations. No middle class youth has ever grown up imagining being in that situation.

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He further explained how unsuccessful people end up in a never ending battle. He writes, ‘It is so difficult that one gives up instead of fighting. Lucky are those who go back home. Those who remain are separated. People who find some success, but not real, they indulge in drugs, alcohol and all kinds of bad things. Now they need money. Therefore, they are introduced to all kinds of ‘Funny Money’. Some successes are the most dangerous.’

people pretend to be stars
He further writes, ‘You are in showbiz without any income and power. You have to look like a star, party like a star, PR like a star, but you are not a star. Imagine yourself in a gangster’s group where you have to behave like a gangster without guns or knives. This is where you become a victim of humiliation and exploitation. Instagram is not free. It takes money to shoot, look good and look busy.

Vivek Agnihotri put forth the bitter truth
He wrote in the end, ‘You pretend, no one sees. You shout, no one listens. You cry, no one cares. You find yourself surrounded by people laughing. You bury your dreams silently, but then you find people dancing. The grave of your dreams Your failure becomes their celebration. You are a dead man walking. The irony is that no one can see you dead except you. One day, you literally die and then the world sees you.’

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