WHAt! Was Anil Kapoor very nervous about becoming a maternal grandfather? New mom Sonam Kapoor reveals

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is the new mom of B-town. She has welcomed her first child as a son with her husband Anand Ahuja. His baby’s birthday is on 20 August. In such a situation, there is an atmosphere of happiness in the family of Sonam-Anand. Everyone is congratulating the newly born parents by showering them with immense love. Meanwhile, after becoming a mother, Sonam Kapoor told what was the reaction of her father Anil Kapoor and her mother Sunita Kapoor regarding her pregnancy. Sonam revealed that her parents are very nervous about the next stage of her life.

In a conversation with Vogue magazine, when Sonam Kapoor was asked how her parents reacted to her pregnancy. Responding to this, Sonam said, I think my parents were not able to prepare themselves for the next phase of life as maternal grandparents. I think my dad is nervous. He did not see himself as a maternal grandfather. For a long time, she didn’t even see herself as a parent, but when I told her for the first time that I was going to be a mother, she got very emotional.

Sonam revealed
Sonam further told that when he shared this good news with his father, he was shooting for ‘Jugjug Jio’ in Chandigarh in those days and he was going to some temples nearby with his mother. Sonam further revealed that her father Anil Kapoor is not that religious or spiritual, so when her mother jokingly asked her father why was he going to the temple? So he replied saying, ‘For a granddaughter’. His mother was shocked at this.

Sonam further said that her father has always focused on the career of his daughters. She explained that with them, it was never about who they were dating or when they would get married. Sonam says, she always said, ‘When you are ready, settle down and if you want, you can stay at home for the rest of your life.’

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