When Mira Kapoor Met Shahid Kapoor’s Mother Neliima Azeem

When Mira Kapoor Met Neliima Azeem: Bollywood’s power couple actor Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Rajput share a very beautiful bond with each other, everyone knows this, but Mira Rajput with her mother-in-law i.e. Shahid Kapoor’s mother. Neelima Azeem herself told what kind of bond she shares. During an interview, Neelima told that she has a very beautiful relationship with daughter-in-law Meera. Neelima said that Mira completes her family. Let us tell you that Shahid and Mira married each other in Delhi in 2015.

Meera was like a child
Recalling her first meeting with Meera, Neelima told Bollywood Bubble that when I met Meera for the first time, I thought hey she is so small, so cute. She looked just like a baby girl.

Was excited to meet Meera
Recalling the conversation she had with Meera for the first time, Neelima said that I was very excited to meet her because I already knew Meera. I knew Shahid and Meera were going to get married and Shahid has chosen Meera. Although Shahid was very shy when he told me about Meera. He didn’t know what I would react to as I had not even met Meera.

very good our bond
During a conversation with ETimes, Neelima had told that she had fallen in love with her daughter-in-law at first sight. Neelima always says that they are both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law as well as friends. Neelima told that Meera is not dramatic. Our family is an artist and Meera is not an artist. Because of which our bond is very good.

Mira won my heart
When Neelima became Shahid, she was very young and when Mira became a part of my family, she was also very young. By which they are able to relate themselves to each other. When Meera got married she was very young. He had completed college. Even after this, Meera chose a public life, marrying a successful actor like Shahid. He made Shahid happy and won my heart.

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