When Sonali Phogat Said She Was Mentally Tortured After Her Husband Death In Bigg Boss 14 House

Sonali Phogat Struggle Story: Tiktok star and BJP leader Sonali Phogat has passed away. Sonali Phogat has died of a heart attack in Goa. Her fans are shocked to hear the news of Sonali’s sudden departure from the world. Sonali Phogat has said goodbye to the world at the age of 42. Sonali’s husband Sanjay Phogat died 6 years ago, after which she had to go through a very scary phase.

Actually, Sonali Phogat has also been a part of Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss 14. Sonali was also one of the popular contestants in Bigg Boss house. Sonali cried a lot while talking about her personal life in Bigg Boss house. During the show, he told that he belongs to a family where women are not even allowed to go out. Sonali had said that after the passing of her husband, she realized how difficult it is for a single woman to live life.

Talking about her personal life in Bigg Boss house, Sonali further said that people wanted her to sit at home. Not only this, people also used to look at him from the wrong point of view and even used to say inappropriate things. Sonali had also told that after the death of her husband, she only kept crying for several months. He did not feel like doing any work.

‘I used to be mentally tortured’

He told that he was mentally tortured, but seeing his daughter, he gathered courage. He raised his daughter alone in the face of troubles. Sonali had told that when she started her career in acting, no one was standing with her. While stepping into politics, her husband has always been with her at every step. But after the death of her husband, she was completely broken.

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