Zomato Apologises For Hrithik Mahakal Thali Advertisement Details Hee

Zomato apologises for Mahakal thali ad: Controversy is increasing over the new advertisement of Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. Meanwhile, seeing the growing issue, online food delivery company Zomato has apologized. Hrithik’s ad for Zomato has been accused of hurting religious sentiments. In this Zomato ad of Hrithik Roshan, the Mahakaleshwar temple of Ujjain has been mentioned, on which a whole controversy broke out.

Apologizing, the Zomato company has said in its clarification that the word Mahakal ki thali spoken in the ad meant the plate of ‘Mahakal restaurant’ and not from the Mahakaleshwar temple. Actually, in this new advertisement of Zomato, Hrithik is seen saying that I was hungry, so I got a plate from Mahakal. In the ad, there was a ruckus on the advertisement of Hrithik Roshan in the name of Mahakaleshwar temple. This video of Hrithik is becoming quite viral on social media.

In this ad video, Hrithik Roshan names many cities. One of which also includes the name of Ujjain. During this, Hrithik Roshan is seen speaking a line after taking the packet from Zomato’s foot delivery boy and that line is – Thali ka manna kiya, Ujjain mein, then asked for Mahakal. At the same time, after the video of this ad of Hrithik surfaced, the priests of the Mahakal temple are opposing this advertisement.

Not only this, the priests have strongly objected to this advertisement and alleged that any such plate from the Mahakal temple is not delivered to the whole country even in Ujjain, but only to the devotees in front of the temple. It is given free of cost i.e. without money.

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